“Topic areas for submission”

Deadline for article submission is 30th November

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Submissions are accepted in the following areas:

Section – I

  1. Valuing professionalism and training in Teacher Education courses
  2. Changes in perspectives on areas of research in Teacher Education
  3. Perspectives on how learning in Curriculum and Pedagogy are demonstrated
    in Teacher Certification Programs
  4. Perspectives on effective Evaluation Practices in Teacher Education
  5. Innovations and Innovative practices in Teacher Education Programs
  6. Diversity and Inclusion: Different International perspectives
  7. Ensuring access and equity in high quality Teacher Education programs
  8. ICT-related Innovations and practices in Teacher Education Programs
  9. Policy perspectives in Teacher Education
  10. Reports on related conferences, seminars and workshops, including
    International offerings.

Section II

Sharing individual or group experiences of completing the curriculum
transaction during the pandemic situations.

Section III

Involving teacher educators and school teachers in sharing
their innovative experiments for optimizing students’ all-round achievement.

Submit your Papers at – brightbrainpublishing@gmail.com