Guidelines to Contributors

Deadline for article submission is 15th January

Note to Contributors / Guidelines to Contributors /Authors for Submitting Papers to the Journal

  • The contributors are requested to adhere to the following guidelines :– The articles should be within the range of 3000—4000 words. However, in some cases this condition may be waived, keeping in view the nature and the theme of the write-up. The decision of the Editor-in-Chief in this regard will be final.
  • The Abstract should be in the range of 200-250 words. The Key-words should not exceed 6-7 words.
  • The Article should be typed in Double space ; Font English ; Times New
    Romans with 1.5 spacing on A-4 sheet, heading of 14 points ( It may be adjusted to the needs of the on-line publishing norms ).
  • It should Not be in PDF form
  • The author’s name, designation, official address, communicating address,
    e-mail Id, mobile number should be clearly mentioned at an appropriate place that is, either in the beginning or at the end of the Article.
  • There should not be more than three authors, except in case of a field project, where the authors can be five (maximum). The names with their above mentioned details should be with the Article.
  • All papers must be accompanied with a Self-Declaration to the effect that that this is his/her/their original work and not copied from anywhere.
  • The author/s are required to give an undertaking that the paper has not been published earlier, nor has been sent anywhere for publication.
    • The Article not approved for publication by the Referee , will be sent back. It may or may not be accompanied with any explanation.
    • If the Article is kept in abeyance for the next issue, the same will be
      conveyed to the Author.
    • If there are any specific suggestions of the Referee, the same will be
      conveyed to the Author/s and the Author/s will be required to comply with the suggestions . They will be required to send back the corrected Article within a specific time frame (within 20-25 days).
  • The decision of the Editor-in-Chief will be final.
    • The References should be given at the end as References as per APA (latest) style.
    • Notes , if any, should be given at the appropriate places.